Bn2 Health Reviews & Testimonials

Read reviews from satisfied clients who share the transformative effects of our IV therapy and wellness services on their well-being.

Energy levels and overall health

"Since starting vitamin IV treatments at Bn2 Health, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my energy levels and overall health. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive, making each visit a pleasant experience. I'm truly grateful for the positive changes in my wellbeing."

Steph S.
Central Coast, NSW

Helps me navigate my stressful role

"I was a little sceptical to begin with however I took a leap of faith and have not looked back. My job is incredibly stressful and I really felt like I needed to try something new. I'm so glad I did as I feel as though a 'calm your farm' infusion on a regular basis is what helps me navigate my stressful role. The staff are always happy to listen to my concerns and help me stay on track."

Roberta C.
Central Coast, NSW

Sleeping much better

“I had a vitamin infusion about a week ago and have never felt better. My energy levels have increased and I'm sleeping much better also. I felt well looked after on the day and the few questions I had prior to my infusion were answered confidently. I really appreciate the care my nurse took with me. It wasn't rushed at all and was a very calming experience overall.”

Neil S.
Central Coast, NSW

More in control of my life

“I have never felt better. After years of struggling with sleep issues I am finally sleeping and it feels so good. Thank you to all the staff at Bn2 Health for the advice and time, and for helping me feel more in control of my life.”

Micheal G.
Central Coast, NSW

Spring in my step

"Since beginning infusions late last year my health and wellness has greatly improved. Overall I have far more energy, my brain fog is clearing and I definitely feel a spring in my step. I am needle phobic and the staff at Bn2 Health were great and calm and made me feel comfortable and supported."

Thomas L.
Central Coast, NSW

Huge change in my overall health

“I have been getting IV therapy for over 12 months now and have noticed a huge change in my overall health and wellness. I find I don't get as sick as often and as a mum of school children that says a lot! It is now a part of my own wellness routine and genuinely believe I have more energy than I ever have before.”

Robert B.
Central Coast, NSW

My energy levels are impressive

“I've been a regular client at Bn2 Health for more than a year now. I have stayed consistent with my infusions and I am feeling great. My energy levels are impressive, I'm sleeping well and my aches and pains are much better. Thank you Bn2 Health for the time you spend with me each visit advising and supporting my health journey.”

Joseph M.
Central Coast, NSW

Clear headed and calm

“Post IV infusion I felt very calm and peaceful. I found I slept beautifully that night and the few nights following. The day after my infusion I felt productive without feeling frazzled. Clear headed and calm regardless of how busy my day was. I did start to notice a bit of a drop in energy about 7 days post infusion which was inline with what my nurse had indicated would happen. It was suggested I have another infusion at the 2 week mark which I absolutely will to keep myself feeling energised, alert and calm.”

Helene E.
Central Coast, NSW

Individualised to my specific needs

“I've been going to Bn2 health for a while now and find the staff very helpful and knowledgeable. I have the wellness infusion but depending on how I'm feeling I might get an add on on the day. I like that it's individualised to my specific needs and they discuss my overall health each visit.”

Karen N.
Central Coast, NSW