Detox your way healthy

How your body’s detoxification system actually works.


Feeling sluggish, irritable, overweight and unmotivated?

Do you have skin issues, hormone issues, sleep issues? Catch all the bugs going around? Have a fat tyre around te middle or digestive issues? Feeling depressed or anxious?  

Then its time to DETOX!!!

How your body’s detoxification system actually works

Your liver does the bulk of the detoxification work. Here, there are two main phases that take place. 

Phase 1 converts potentially problematic chemicals into intermediate compounds. 

Phase 2 then converts these compounds into water-soluble waste products for the body to excrete. 

It’s important that phase 2 occurs, as the intermediate compounds can be quite toxic and reactive. It is this phase that many practitioners will focus on when supporting natural detoxification. Our detox program will focus on both phase 1 and 2. Your elimination channels include sweat, urine and faeces. The body will dump waste products into one or more of these channels to eliminate them.

Easy tips to support your detox pathways 

Want to give your liver some love without, you can start with these tips before moving into our full 6 week program.

Drink plenty of water 

Water is essential for almost every process in the body, including detoxification. It makes up the fluid that runs through the elimination channels and lymphatic system. So if you’ve been a bit slack with your water intake, now is your chance to boost it back up.

Eat more greens 

Vegetables are detoxification superstars, and greens are some of the best out there. So find some way to include more green in your daily diet. Make green leafy vegetables the base of your plate, and build your meal around that. Snack on celery and cucumber sticks with your dip of choice. You can even add greens to a smoothie or omelette with breakfast.

Don’t forget your protein 

Many of the processes in phase 2 detox rely on amino acids, which are the building blocks found in protein. So make sure you’re including quality sources of protein with each meal. Grassfed meat, organic chicken and eggs, wild caught fish, legumes, beans and pseudograins like quinoa are a few options to include.

Go to Services - Workshops - and check out our Detox Your Way Healthy Program. Our next one commences 8th May 2019. This is our face to face program and runs for 6 weeks. Alternatively you can  purchase a detox program to do at home. If you would like to book in please call 02 4384 1501.

A happy healthy liver means a happy healthy you… Hugs Jo

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