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Discover how your diet and household products align with your unique nutritional and energy needs through our Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis. This test isn't about dietary restrictions or medical treatments; it's focused on identifying the foods and products that work best for you, enhancing your energy levels and minimising symptom aggravation.

Why Choose Hair Compatibility Testing?

Our Hair Compatibility Analysis Testing goes beyond conventional nutritional advice, offering personalised insights into how various foods and household items impact your well-being.

With a comprehensive screening of 500+ items—including food groups, bathroom and laundry products, as well as gluten-free and kitchen goods—we highlight what you can safely enjoy.

The test is tailored to include common local brands, ensuring relevance and convenience for your lifestyle. For those with infants, an additional test covers 57 baby-specific products, from foods to personal care items, ensuring the well-being of your little ones too.


  1. Comprehensive Testing: Analyses over 500 items you encounter daily, from the supermarket to your home environment, plus an optional baby-specific list for families.

  2. Personalised Report: Includes test results for all items, day-to-day implementation instructions, general food group information, and a 4-week progress form to monitor your journey.

  3. Follow-up Support: We provide a tailored follow-up to assess your progress and adjust the program as needed, ensuring you achieve the maximum benefit from your personalised compatibility analysis.

    This service is designed to help you make informed choices about your diet and household products, aiming for a healthier, more energised life tailored to your body's unique responses.

Hair Compatibility Testing: Customise Your Environment for Your Wellbeing

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