Coffee Enema Mystery Solved

So you have decided to embrace a new and healthy lifestyle, undertake a detox, or you have decided to undertake Dr Max Gerson’s therapy to assist you in healing from an illness like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma or hormone issues. You are really excited and enthused and then you read that the therapy requires an enema. Not only that, it is a coffee enema!!! Why can’t I just drink the coffee? Will it hurt? Will I be going to the toilet all day? Do I really have to have the enema? These are the most common reactions and questions I am asked regarding this part of the therapy. It really does take a bit of time to get your head around it. I know it took me a few weeks before I could undertake this bizarre practice. I can tell you know I still have an enema at least once a week to keep me healthy, I feel awesome, clean and energised for many days afterwards.

The enema is an integral component of Max Gerson’s therapy or any detoxification program you wish to undertake. The coffee enema is essential in supporting the detoxification of the body via the liver. As we embrace the therapy our body starts to eliminate toxins deep within the cells, often held there for years. Without supporting the liver these toxins can be reabsorbed by the body increasing the burden on the liver causing you to become extremely unwell. It can in some cases worsen your condition. It is paramount that you support the liver and body to eliminate the toxins from the body through this simple and effective technique.

The mixture of coffee and distilled water is inserted into the rectum. The coffee is then taken to the liver via the mesenteric vein, where the caffeine, theobromine and theophylline dilate bile ducts and cause increased bile flow. We also see an increase in glutathione S transferase, this increases the mixing of toxins to the bile which is then eliminated from the body via the rectum. The enzymes in the coffee stop the re-absorption of toxins by the liver, and are therefore eliminated with the coffee. The enema is held in the rectum for 15 minutes this allows the blood to be cleaned five times, as the entire blood circulation flows through the liver every 3 minutes

Before commencing this part of the therapy it is essential to rule out any contra indications. So please seek medical advice first. If you have bleeding from the rectum, hypertension, or tachycardia please seek medical advice as these conditions are contra indicated. Those with cardiac, respiratory or renal in-sufficiency, should also seek advice

I have found the coffee enemas to be most helpful in those clients with chronic constipation, bloating or foggy brain, as well as those with chronic diseases. The enema is not painful, uncomfortable or difficult. It is a cost effective treatment in enhancing the health of your body. Overcoming the mental block to this procedure is the biggest hurdle. I have seen 75 and 80 year old men embrace this therapy, improving their wellbeing and energy.

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Coffee Enema Mystery Solved